Thursday, November 7, 2013

Autumn Aria (an autumn alliteration)

Harvester humming an autumn aria
Maple tree muting midnight’s melody
Laying the lilt of last lyrics beneath it
Before blizzard blankets each branch on the tree
Fall flings its farewell song into the sky
Free-fall of laughter and leaf-lullaby

Silver-soft silk of milkweed sigh meanders
Over fall’s fallow it floats fancy-free
Gone is the gold-gilded garment of glory
Scattered with scarlet across sod and sea
Apples are gathered; baked, broiled, battered; dipped
Gardens are gleaned; vineyards, orchards stripped

Wild wind is bullying, begging and brawling
Shaking the shivering poplar and pine
Tossing the tresses where farewell is falling
Fast, furious frenzy of fruit from the vine
Heavy hearts hunger for happier hope
But summer is slumbering over the slope

© Janet Martin

WOW! It gets dark early on a rainy afternoon!

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