Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Antique Shopper...

Time's tiny tick and tock turns pages forward, not back...

 Writer's Digest PAD Challenge: Day 6.
For today’s prompt, write a poem from the perspective of a person who either works at and/or visits a place you like to visit (that’s not yourself).

What is it that brings us here
To walk among the stands
and touch old books and crocks and such
or wonder at the hands
that shaped with sweat, callous and skill
the things that yet remain
to remind us of bygone days
covered wagons, trains,
tubs with no running water,
hand-made tools and bowls,
...the echo of our fantasy
to fill Time's modern holes.
We've never met
Anywhere else
But here in this old store
Where we come
To catch a glimpse
Of days that are no more.



Thank you for your visit to this porch. Any thoughts you would like to share?