Wednesday, November 27, 2013

And Then, oh Then

PAD Challenge day 27

For today’s prompt, write a local poem. By local, I’m thinking of something that happens or has happened in your neck of the woods, but you know, I’m never against poets bending and/or breaking my rules. So feel free to play with the concept of local however you wish.

We cavorted awhile beneath
her clear yawning cerulean sheath
before it fell away to gray
and things foreign to middle-May

The buxom stem and heady green
are caught beneath a silver sheen
and all that lingers of that crown
are stems, stiff, petrified and brown

 The color of the wind is stone
as he wanders bereft, alone
And honey-gold of August's noon
has turned to sugar on her spoon

We pour our morning cup 'o joe
gazing to world's all wrapped in snow
where not so long ago we laughed
barefoot down summer's garden path

This overture of silver sheen
ushered from ether tambourine
will play its piece and then, oh then
it will be flower-time again

Janet Martin

It sounds as though 'wonderland' is in for another topping;)

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