Wednesday, November 6, 2013

A Word on a Page...

A word on a page spawns an infinite stage
Beckoning to the believer of ink
Curved curious creatures, a semblance of letters
Dares to reveal what we dream; what we think
Each author hears a different diction
Fiction or memoir; fantasy, fact
Groaning within us until we deliver
Heartache and hope in a word’s glorious pact
Its invitation evokes inspiration
Juxtaposed union of sorrow and joy
Keening our senses with fire and frustration
Love, loss and longing their legions deploy
Muting the minute hand; muzzling mere moments
Nothing can null the intent of their will
Oceans of thought swirl in ink-drop deliverance
Passion and poetry savagely spill
Quickening pulses or quieting worry
Raging like rivers or melting like mist
Skimming a surface of plain parchment paper
Torment and tiralee; loneliness kissed
Unearthing thought with the twist of a letter
Vexing, perplexing, then wildly set free
Word; are there any more beautiful; better?
X-ray of heart revealed in your melee
You seem inconspicuous; wee word on a page
Zenith of thought fills your infinite stage

© Janet Martin

Our home-work assignment in our Writer’s Group is to write an ‘alphabetical order piece’ starting with the phrase ‘a word on a page’. Our next meeting isn’t until January so I decided to play with the prompt this morning.

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