Wednesday, November 13, 2013

A Self-help Exercise

Day 13 PAD Challenge; write a self-help poem.

Remember to
eat right,
take out the trash,
finish homework,
do laundry
pay the stash
of bills on the microwave...
remember of course
to pray
thanking God
for another day 
remember to pick up
the dry-cleaning, the kids
to pat your self on the back
because no one else did
remember to exercise,
oh, and to shower
remember to gather
for a dinner-hour
Remember to vacuum,
the house,
wash the car,
get groceries,
scrub bathtubs
oh, and rake the yard
but sometimes
when this list
feels like worn riff-raff
remember to
throw back your head
and laugh...
let it fill and thrill you
then oh, let it spill
up to the starlight
and out to the hill
feel its full measure restore
those old bones
feel how its pleasure
dissolves weary groans
Life is a list of
'do this and do that'
but always remember
take time to

What? nothing makes you laugh??!!
Dare you to watch this without cracking a smile...

May you having a de-laugh-ful day:)

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