Wednesday, November 14, 2012

You Are but He IS...

You are no respecter of persons
In the tropics,
At the Arctic
And all points in-between
You indulge the pauper
The preacher, the child
The writer of songs
Or the queen
How subtly you bleed your presence
Through the laughter of a crowd
And when they’ve gone home
In the silence
You are there
Crooning, ruthless and proud
With never an invitation
And never a stuttered caress
You thrive in the hollow of wanting
You are

There is One who does not leave us hopeless
To grovel in longings despair
He covers the earth with a whisper
And draws us to Him in a prayer
He breathes through the power of darkness
And pierces our grief with His hope
He is the great Father of comfort
When in fear’s dark valley we grope
And He will not leave nor forsake us
Wherever on earth we may trod
He is a faithful companion
He IS God

© Janet Martin  

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