Friday, November 30, 2012

Wonderful Wonder

High and holy is the hand
Beneath which mankind bows
Though we may never understand
What perfect love allows

The gate to Eden sealed its bliss
At that first mortal sin
Its curse remains; we bear witness
Of evil’s sorrowing

But love will never be out-done
Though trials come and go
Because of love God sent His Son
To earth so long ago

His high and holy visage wept
To know our hopeless plight
And to the earth He gave His best
On that first Christmas night

And though the evil ages roll
And we cry ‘where is hope?’
His high and holy hands control
Beyond our meager scope

He did not leave us to our guilt
Wallowing helplessly
On Calvary His blood was spilt
For all humanity

And perfect love broke Satan’s curse
We are not doomed for aye
The Master of the universe
Has washed our guilt away

His high and holy hands were pierced
For our iniquity
The Lamb was meek, the Lion fierce
With love that sets us free

On that first Christmas long ago
Christ came from God above
So even now mankind may know
The wonder of His love

© Janet Martin

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