Tuesday, November 20, 2012

We Gather...We Let Go (two-for-two-Tues.)

  1. Write a gathering poem.
  2. Write a letting go poem.

We Gather…

They filter through our being
We gather in their wake
Our portion of their rendering
Fond memories to make

Ephemeral allotment
Yet surging through our grasp
We gather in their aftermath
Fond memories to clasp

Invisible out-pouring
Above, around, beneath
We gather from life’s moment-spring
Fond memories to keep

© Janet Martin

We Let Go

The tree must relinquish its grandeur
The bloom must surrender its mirth
The ravishing splendor of nature
Soon returns back to the earth

The child must let go of its mother
The mother must release her ‘dears’
For love is a double-edge wonder
Of beautiful laughter and tears

…for just as the wake of moments
Renders love’s gifts in its flow
Its surge is a tender-sweet torment
Of holding and letting go

© Janet Martin


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