Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Through my Window I See the World

Miles are but dirt-fraught inches on earth’s cusp
Our neighborhood in not restrained by such
With one click of a key a door unlocks
And instantaneously our smiles touch…
Technology has closed the sprawling gap
Of distance; you are one mouse-click away
And far across the world I hear you clap
We share the joy that smiles on us today
Or then perhaps, I feel you shed a tear
And we unite; across mountains and seas
Our close-knit neighborhood spanning earth’s sphere
Shares life's love; its hope and agonies
Miles are but dust-shaped inches on the land
There are no gates or walls in cyber-space
With one click of the key I hold your hand
You reach across the air in love’s embrace

© Janet Martin

This morning I was ‘touched’ with loving words from so many friends in our neighborhood. India, Nova Scotia, Sejer Island, just to name a few…Hi Andrea .

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  1. Oh, yes, and here we go.
    Thank you very much.



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