Thursday, November 22, 2012

The 'What if' ABC's

What if, instead of
Assuming and
Begrudging and
Criticizing and
Doubting and
Envying and
Fault-finding and
Gossiping and
Hating and
Insulting and
Judging and
Knocking and
Lusting and
Meddling and
Nagging and
Obsessing and
Pointing and
Quarreling and
Ranting and
Slighting and
Tearing down and
Unpleasantness and
Violence and
War and
X-cessivness and
Yelling and
…we just loved?

© Janet Martin


  1. Lovely. It is def WAY faster but I also switched to google chrome so who knows....maybe it was that ??

  2. :) Thank-you TUG. I was hanging out laundry and contemplating certain negative attitudes that can ruin a good day/life and as I began to list them I suddenly realized that there is one for almost every letter of the alphabet! Of course, on the flip-side now I should think of a positive attribute for each letter:)


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