Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The Villain and the Hero...Two-for-two Tusdays

Poetics Aside prompt; Here are Paula’s prompts: Write a hero poem. Write a villain poem. 

 Vexing Villain

Some poems need no syllables
To distract or beguile
Darling, I shape you against me
In a faint, tender half-smile…

The poet dreams in perfect want
For that elusive word
Darling, I’ve borne the perfect taunt
In sudden passion stirred

As the air, obscure around us
Seethes with possibility
Darling, is it not ironic
That love’s perfect poetry…

…is not mouthed in verbal creations
Of bland inequity?
For Muse is a vexing villain
Of hope and insanity

But now we have trumped her ineptness
Though the silence may drive us wild
Love’s perfect poem, oh darling
Exists in a faint, half-smile

The Hero...

You do not come crashing in
on a black stead or verbose and vile
But darling, you persuade me
with nothing, but a faint half-smile

...across the room I see you
My hero; come, let's go home
Our eyes meet; the air is full
Of love's most perfect poem

© Janet Martin

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