Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Thankful Worship Sonnet

With grateful hearts, oh Lord we worship you
May our mouths be filled with joyful praise
The morning dawns; Your mercy is made new
And though we do not understand Your ways
Oh, let us never cease to trust Your will
For from Your palm the course of seasons move
Within life’s ebb and flow, gently you fill
Our cups of joy or sorrow with Your love
The spectrum of Your might is fathomless
And infinite as Your abundant grace
Sustaining both the aged and the youth
Lord, in Your everlasting faithfulness
Our feeble fears and pondering we place
For You are goodness and Your way is truth

Dare we to doubt the God of earth and sky?
Your wisdom far exceeds our realm of thought
Knowledge, time, wealth can never nullify
The marvels that in You alone are taught
To grasp the fullness of Your wonder, Lord
Exceeds the wanton reach of mortal wit
Yet, to ignore You God, none can afford
Or seek to grasp the height and depth of it
The patterns of our folly You despise
And yet, for us You offered Your own blood
Upon Your guiltless form sin’s debt was laid
And in Love’s precious bleeding sacrifice
Redemption poured in agonizing flood
As once for all man’s awful debt was paid

With awe-filled hearts we worship You, oh King
For none can boast of love as great as this
You do not leave us hopeless, suffering
But love us as Your timeless promises
Imbue the fainting, panting, troubled heart
Girding us in the hour of unbelief
As through Your Spirit, kindly You impart
Compassion in the darkest hour of grief
Oh Lord our God, our Solace and our Shield
With thankful, humble wonder we applaud
The Keeper of the stars; infinity
The artist of the forest and the field
The author of salvation, You, oh God
Are worthy of our praise eternally

© Janet Martin

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