Sunday, November 25, 2012

Prelude to the Pinnacle

They were in that envious tangle
Of 'young
And in love
For the very first time'

We are in that middle-age mind-jolt
Of 'the older
We get
The shorter the climb'

© Janet Martin


  1. just want you to know i check out your poetry like i check my mail !!!!
    .... and i always always appreciate... sometimes i may not understand or read all that well BUT I ALWAYS DO APPRECIATE . Period.
    Kudos to you!!!
    and if i "lust" (uh uh) for more i regularly search the archives to find those that do :)Yours is the kind of beauty that finds instant favour with me ! Can't help it! Allures me.

  2. Grace, thank-you. Your words humble me, satisfy me and make me hunger to see what yet is in store. You have been a wonderful encouragement to me:)


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