Monday, November 26, 2012

Oh, Hear the Message of the Bells

Oh, see the spark; contagious hope
Glinting in eager youngster’s gaze
The silent night out on the slope
The welcome in love’s home-fire blaze
Snowflakes in spiraling descent
Decorate each ridge and rill
Season of Joy’s glorious advent
Warms us in spite of winter’s chill

Oh, feel the wonderment of it
Revive us with its rare refrain
And maybe for a little bit
We might feel like a child again
The music of Hope’s perfect love
Renews the gladness in our mirth
For Jesus left His throne above
To bring tidings of peace to earth

Oh, hear the message of the bells
Ring out a testament of cheer
For in the happy song that swells
We know that Christmas time is near
Oh, may its mercy and goodwill
Tune everything we say and do
And may its Spirit kindly fill
Our hearts and hands the whole year through

© Janet Martin

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