Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Of Moment-tides

In the transparent hull of moments
We spill dreams, triumph and tears
Leaving in their wake behind us
Drops that turn to weeks, then years

Last night the still and sable hollow
Of deep-fall tranquility
In a foray of keen echoes
Hurled its torrents over me

Translucent, its mighty upheaval
Vexed me from Time’s tear-stained graves
Where the dream mislaid the dreamer
In sheer moment tidal-waves

But still the gossamer allotment
Of Love’s patient mercy-stream
Washes far the deep-night tempest
Where dawn’s virgin waters gleam

And we, with out-stretched hope approach them
Point our sterns into the glow
For the moment-faring traveler
Cannot quell its ceaseless flow

© Janet Martin

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