Friday, November 16, 2012

November Song

 (There is nothing that replaces the beauty first-hand, but if you click on the image and right-click view image
you will be able to enjoy a larger frame of His marvelous beauty in creation) I took these while I was out on my run this morning...well the way back turned into a walk and WOW-click and run...:)

The golden rod is white now
Queen Ann accepts her crown
And every humble stalk and blade
Is clad in dazzling gown

The blue-jay shrieks his valor
In woodlands stripped and still
Where nature spins wild splendor
Beneath its frost-tipped quill

And nature’s great Creator
Stuns the spectator’s gaze
As every meek and lowly leaf
Is kissed with heaven’s glaze

Our dolor preconception
Of drab November’s girth
Is stunned in awe; perfection
Gleams from the quiet earth

© Janet Martin

The frost-tipped beauty rendered one speechless this morning...
 The day dawned, gleaming in silver-rose blush...
November; spectacular beneath heaven's brush


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