Monday, November 12, 2012

New Invention for Patience

Poetics Aside Prompt; Write about a piece of technology or engineering that does not exist but that should.  It could be a tribute to something that came to be because of a writer’s imagination, like a helicopter or a submarine or a filtration system that makes urine potable.  Or it could be the original imagination that may one day lead to a new piece of technology, like cloud movers, flood distributors, skyhooks, or levitation chairs.

( I realize my poem is not exactly technology but, it would be nice if someone invented this:) Due to mothering challenges this is the first thought that came to mind:))

Mankind discovers countless cures
To soothe or relieve our ill
But I wish that somebody could invent
A healthy patience pill

Then, for life’s sudden grievances
Or lack of kind good-will
We wouldn’t fret, but simply pop
A little patience pill

Technology is never done
Progress never stands still
And I’m inclined to think someday
They’ll make a patience pill

For traffic jams or check-out lines
While waiting for Jill or Bill
Or as we wait to see the doc
We pop a patience pill

And wouldn’t it be lovely
If we could get a free re-fill
Simply by snapping our fingers
Oops, I think we need a patience pill

© Janet Martin

Here is another ad for Patience Boosters:)

In this world of texting and technology and instant everything
the demand for patience is higher than ever before. The lack thereof  has increased blood-pressure, traffic accidents, lazy attitudes, apathy, ignorance...the list is endless.

Now we have exactly what you have been waiting for!
...while your child throws a tantrum, or your spouse is late to dinner ....again, or your sister borrowed your favorite shoes without asking or your employees call in sick because its sunny; NO WORRIES !

Here is your opportunity to enjoy our NEW in a thousand flavors Patience Booster. Patience Booster is available in a pill, in instant flakes, or simply pour our versatile pre-packaged mix into a glass or travel-mug, add water and WALLA! you have a smooth, delectable and satisfying mini-vacation while immediately forgetting what had you so intensely stressed! Did your wife forget to pay 'that bill'? NO PROBLEM! Instant patience booster immediately dissolves any reaction of distress or rage. Are you stuck in traffic? Wonderful!. Our Patience Booster Lozenges are perfect, long-lasting and will turn your waiting time into an experience of blissful diversion. With Patience Booster you no longer need to fear sudden melt-downs or uncontrollable fits of frustration. Patience Booster is guaranteed to immediately distract and dissolve your annoyance and its negative side effects or your money back!

This is a limited time offer, so PLEASE! Have your credit card available and call 1-777-444-0000. If you call in the next 15 minutes not only will you get the full Patience Booster Variety Pack, but we will include one free sample of Forever Youth, so pick up your phone and call immediately. You cannot afford to be without this product one moment longer! Once more the # is 1-777-444-0000. an operator is waiting to take your call. If they are busy PLEASE stay on the line, your call is important to us and we will be with you shortly.In the mean-time won't you consider doubling your order so you do not need to worry about running out?


  1. Ha Ha Ha :) I'll have a lifetime supply please.....funny.

  2. :) Me too!

    Melissa told me the 'patience pill' already's called marijuana:)Sometimes she cracks me up!


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