Thursday, November 29, 2012

Love Poem

I have not loved you
Like this in quite awhile
Darling, let me touch you
Beneath your shy half-smile
Where mere words are not needed
And oft misunderstood
Oh darling, let me love you
Like you wish I would

Darling, I have not loved you
In quite this way before
But when you look at me like this
I want to explore
Your tender, unshaped longing
I see it in your eyes
I feel it in your heart-beat
And hear it in your sighs

Darling, let me love you
Not with grasp of skin on skin
But with a kindred fellowship
Of quiet listening
Where want meets, unrequited
On a snowy afternoon
And love meets every longing
Hush, the kids will be home soon…

© Janet Martin

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