Monday, November 19, 2012

In Arms of Grace

On bended knee we beg and plead
We do not understand
But God, we know the ebb and flow
Of Time is in Your hand

You see the whole; You are in control
We see but one small jot
From tear-stained dust we lift our trust

Though evil spills heart-wrenching ills 
In vile and loathsome form
We cling to You; love firm and true
The Keeper of the storm

This is the hour of holy power
This is the hour of hope
Our plea out-poured; you hear us Lord

From sea to sea God's family
Unites in Christian love
And here we place in arms of grace
Our trust His might to prove

 Janet Martin

Join us in praying for Lia and her family.


  1. I saw the title earlier and had to read as I just heard J.Tr. is not responding and it won't be long til she's in glory.. Wendy & I were planning on visiting her tonight.... prayers for the family ,~L~

  2. WOW! I've been thinking about her today! We lift the her and her family to those arms of grace. thank-you for sharing!

  3. I adore this poem. And I flipped on over to see the story behind Lia... and am left stunned. I can't comprehend such an injustice!

  4. Margaret, me neither! May the power of prayer intercede!

  5. Dear Janet,
    You brought tears to my eyes. Not of sadness but of faith. To know such beautiful and loving souls are out there praying for us honestly gets me through the day. I feel my heart wrapped in so many arms through the power of prayer. This was so lovely and such a wonderful gift. thank you! I am copying it so, I will have it for Lia when she returns home. May the Lord keep you and your family safe and blessed this holiday weekend!

  6. Diann, I return the wishes and may you continue to be held in the arms of grace as His people pray.Lia is in His ever-tender and faithful care.

    Hugs and prayers.


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