Sunday, November 25, 2012

First Snow-fall...a wordle challenge

It fell on earth’s lethargy
A crystalline sash
Held on the garnet
Of mountain ash
The earth is still
Where autumnal heap
Of russet fleck
And farewells sleep

The scent of Christmas
Begins to fill
Our thoughts with hope
Peace and goodwill
Somewhere above
Earth’s snow-skimmed bend
Our load of trouble
Will come to end

But for now
Heaven pleases our sight
As autumn is bedded
In snow tonight
Where laden spruce
And hemlocks sway
And autumn’s girth
Is tucked away

© Janet Martin

Words from the Sunday Whirl: fell, held, still, fill, heap, fleck, skimmed, sway, end, load, scent, sight


  1. Janet, your poem is gorgeous in the vein of R. Frost.
    Elegant and soothing.

  2. Nice! I can see this scene vividly, Janet. No snow yet in this area, but I know it won't be long.

  3. "Our load of trouble will surely come to an end."

    I certainly hope so!

    My Whirling Wordle Words

  4. very nice Janet, strong imagery and feel, enjoyed it much.

  5. oh, I love this! the image and the words are so nice, both on their own, and together.


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