Monday, November 19, 2012

Air-brushed Perfection

Poetics Aside Prompt: Write a 'wheel poem'

We cannot turn backward the wheel of time
To return to some coveted past
We cannot reverse its rhythm and rhyme
Of moments being cast
But if, peradventure by phantom power
Someone discovered that we could
Go back to starting life all over
…I don’t think that we would

Because even if we turned back time
And the present would disappear
A hill would still be a hill to climb
And a tear would remain a tear
The ‘known’ would become unknown's story
Progress and tradition would spar
Yes, the ‘good old days’ we have air-brushed to glory
Are perfect just where they are

© Janet Martin


  1. I love this wheel poem and the photo. I've seen it before, I know I have. Your mind is very creative.

  2. This is a Wikipedia pic.:)

    thank-you so much for your thoughts.


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