Sunday, November 11, 2012

A Veteran's Thoughts from a Park Bench

Poetics Aside Prompt; Write A Veteran's Thoughts

The streets team with young men now, and dreams
But it was not so back when
The draft came to town and stole from
Mothers and lovers
All the young men

Now the park is filled with laughter
Of care free girl and boy
While in countless 'Flanders Fields'
Lies the price tag
Of freedom’s joy

He sits alone on the park bench
Thinking of 'him'
With tears in his eyes 
He remembers
His buddy, Jim

Jim will never see
The fruit of his sacrifice
And he weeps because so many
Seem ignorant
Of freedom’s price

© Janet Martin


  1. Oh yes, and so sad. Your poetry always impresses me because I can't help feeling involved whatever you write.
    This portrait is beautiful.


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