Friday, November 16, 2012

A Song of Gratitude

This is not just some little old forgotten pond in the middle of the woods...this is His glorious handiwork!

Our wanton lips can never shape Your praise
Without a heart of humble gratitude
And oh, our waning spirit is renewed
As we ponder the goodness of Your ways

Will we be silent so the stones cry out?
Dare we to disregard Love’s Royal Hand?
As seasons deck with wonderment the land
Will we insist Your graciousness to doubt?

How can our feeble visage understand?
The seed of sin and its vile consequence
Afflicts us; yet as its onslaught torments
It cannot thwart the mercy of Your hand

Your grace and faithfulness oh God, amaze
Your holiness exceeds unfathomed deeps
Yet still Your kind and tender mercy keeps
Our floundering sentiments of stuttered praise

With love the dormant fallow is imbued
In stunning gifts of boundless mystery
You fill the sod, the heavens and the sea
We lift our song in awe-filled gratitude

© Janet Martin

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