Monday, September 27, 2010


When on time’s faded lily fields
The frosts of autumn lie
When traces of her summer shield
No longer tease the eye
When the bright blooms of yesterday
Their trembling petals weep
And haunts of rambling hearts turn gray
Will there be aught to keep?

As we live ‘neath Time’s sovereignty
Its raging rivers run
To drain into eternity
Beyond the rising sun
And as we stand with common men
To view the wearied past
The shroud of withered dreams again
And shadows that they cast………

…will we with softened passions turn
And clasp the day at hand
Or with the weeping petal yearn
For whispers on the sand
The sand where Time’s vast river flows
Into an endless sea
And beauty is the faded rose
Of love’s sad memory

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

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