Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Until Rivers Run Dry.....

When I told you I’d love you till the rivers run dry
Or until no star twinkles in heavens vast eye
When I purposed within me to always be true
I had no concept of the words ‘I love you’

When love was a child it was carefree and blind
A beautiful wild flower kissed by the wind
We plucked its fair measure with careless delight
Enjoying its pleasure as a well-deserved right

But love cannot stay forever young
Sooner or later the raging tides come
And love must decide whether it will be true
Until rivers run dry and a lifetime is through

And then, only then will we truly know
If our love is enough for life’s ebb and flow
For love isn’t love at its very best
Until it is tried and has conquered the test

When I told you I’d love you till the rivers run dry
I say it again with a tear in my eye
For love is a river running wild and deep
And love is a promise I intend to keep

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

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