Saturday, September 4, 2010


We are no more able to live in the past
Than we are to touch tomorrow
And all the memories we hold fast
Are thorns and jewels we borrow
The fleeting dance of yesterday
May claim no safer care
Than in our memory, tucked away
Yet, it is simply air

There is but one true gem we hold
Before it too is taken
To rest in vaults of useless gold
For if tomorrow we waken
The gem which now we call today
Will simply be a whisper
Of moments gathered yesterday
Before they’re gone forever

(optional last verse)
So to thyself and God be true
In this day you’ve been given
Joy and sorrow both are few
In our prelude to heaven
Yesterday is dead and gone
Tomorrow just a glimmer
Today we hold a priceless crown
Before it’s gone forever

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

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