Friday, September 17, 2010

It Will Pass......

It will pass eventually
That sorrow deep inside of me
The burning yearning for the sun
The bud that blooms, the meadow yon
The azure longing for a sky
Where pure white lambs go smiling by…..

It will pass some way, somewhere
Up into the purple air
I will release on silver wing
Every warm and dew-kissed thing
The scarlet bliss where sunsets lay
Closing out a summer day…..

It will pass; melancholy
Oh, what would become of me
If not for hope which beats within
Summertime will come again
This sorrow; it will pass away
Just as it does each year… May

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

My 18 yr. old daughter sat to the computer tonight
and said “Whoa!!! Mom’s going through
summer withdrawal already????!!!!!”

Today I changed my desk-top background to
A photo I took a few months ago
At the beach….the sun on a dazzling sea!
The one shown above!

Riddle: Guess who does NOT read this blog!!!!!

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