Thursday, September 16, 2010

In Every Life........or A Little Rain

In every life a little rain
A little pain must be
In every life a lonesome wind
But by and by the breeze
In every life the Milky Way
Is just a distant gleam
In every life, oh darling
There’s the power of the dream

In every life the curtain drops
So let’s not waste a day
For none knows when the music stops
So live, laugh, love and pray
In every life farewell tears flow
I guess this is the rain
But darling, oh I know you know
I’d do it all again

In every life a little cold
A little summer too
And darling, if I must grow old
May I do it with you?
In every life a little rain
But darling, aren’t you glad
That we shall not have lived in vain
Oh, what a dance we’ve had

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

....a rainy day and oldies!!!
A lethal combination:)

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