Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Course of Life.....

Exquisite tendrils, gold-brushed sighs
Trickle from the morning skies
Silent sob in my embrace
This is life’s ever-changing face
Kaleidoscope of memories
Drifting on a tender breeze
As the struggling vine of June
Bursts into most glorious bloom

Kiss each moment, let it go
Tis the course of life you know
Flowers bloom and then they die
Soon it will be you and I
Urge the fledgling from the nest
Let them pursue and fail a test
Wipe your tears and let them go
Tis the course of life, you know

Hold them close and love them well
When it’s over none can tell
You may weep behind your smile
For once, you were your mother’s child
As kindly through her prayers and tears
She let you go yet held you near
Cherish every ebb and flow
Tis the course of life, you know

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

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