Monday, September 6, 2010

Autumn Wind

I embrace you, taunting, wild
You dash from off the ridge
In carefree gambols, like a child
I race beneath the bridge
Then suddenly, the bittersweet
Snatches away my laughter
As I see the sad retreat
Of summer’s ever-after

You tease the hunger in my soul
My cheek longs for your kisses
Your wanton ardor makes me whole
Yet I spurn your caresses
An imposter and a thief
You charm with reckless fervor
Mindless of the ragged grief
Within the heart of summer

If I were a marionette
Then oh, how you could move me
I would twirl and pirouette
As you seduce and love me
The passion in your cobalt eye
Would fill this wretched hunger
But you can never satisfy
A true blue heart of summer

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

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