Friday, May 17, 2019

Setting Such As This...

Gorgeous evening...

Within a setting such as this
Where all the wonder of life is
Where little girls wear pretty curls
And little lads are mischievous

Where twilight flings a gleaming spread
Across earth’s grand four-season bed
Where silhouette of tree is set
Like black ink-art on gold and red

Where thought is torn twixt now and then
Where no one can return again
Save but to trace the phantom face
Or place in fond ‘remember when’

Where we all grow too old too soon
And we are all drawn to the moon
Like moth to flame or guilt to blame
Where longing is an age-old tune

Where we all need someone to love
Where nothing we have is enough
To please us much without the touch
Or fellowship of words like ‘us’

Within the setting that we’ve got
No matter what our load or lot
How sad to miss the life that is
Lost in a world of what is not

© Janet Martin

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