Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Heart/Hope-shaped Stepping-stones

this poem begged to be written as the sun emerged above earth's eastward edge
...its golden chime birthing the climb on Time's fresh sweep!

 Hope...the bud of Promise!

 this poem suddenly needed to meet a quick end as youngsters arrived:)

Hope breaks through bonds where darkness would be greater than the fight
Doubt’s cold bars fall like stars as morning scales the walls of night
The light of day like heaven’s hip-hooray covers the earth
Hope’s melody a golden sea of triumph and rebirth

Life is love’s grueling leap before the Door to surface-death
Opens, then shuts on hinges soft and slight as baby’s breath
To unveil with that final exhale hope’s  trophy of trust
As Soul unfolds its wings from this cocoon of dust-to-dust

The courage that we crave is a matter of grave concern
This course we brave is a fixed forward flight of no return
But God be thanked and praised and praised; these numbered days that fall
Are hope-shaped stepping-stones toward the reason for it all

© Janet Martin

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