Friday, May 3, 2019

May's Paint Brush

This poet optimistically believes warm weather is on the way for Canadians too!

Some shots from last May... 
(I tried for a few hours to add a few more photos but the internet simply does not stay connected!!)
Why does that happen after a year+ of uninterrupted service?
There was nothing to fix or adjust here.
It looks like shopping for a new internet provider is the next hassle
+ dealing with the grubs that are feeding the skunks that are chewing up the lawn + getting our yard cleaned up and reseeded after all the winter digging due to flooding problems + OH! Right...
I'm talking about beautiful May in this poem;-)

The brush of May spills plushest pink
And lushest sweeps of green
Beneath the biggest bluest blink
That Time has ever seen

The aftermath of winter weaves
A crown of purest form
With flower-stars and froth of leaves
That takes the world by storm

While we, cold-weary, soak our smiles
In sunshine’s yellow sea
Where Beauty all around beguiles
Our gaze with poetry

For we have crossed the frosted fields
And snow-tossed mains of mud
Where (just as promised) waiting yields
The wonderment of bud

And we, winter’s forgivers now
Are glad to be a part
Of nature’s finest picture-show
In springtime’s world of art

© Janet Martin


  1. What a bummer. I hope you will get be able to resolve those issues.. I hear you on the perspective..too, Sometimes it just needs saying even if we know that there's so much worse!

  2. Beautiful pictures and words fellow Canadian. Tomorrow is supposed to be beautiful. Here's hoping. Beckie

    1. thank-you! Yes, I have my eye on that beauty of a day!


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