Thursday, May 23, 2019

Kind Word Art

No smiles for the camera today...
But my, she sure brightens a rainy-no-gardening morning!

A kind word is like sunshine
To kiss the bud of gloom
It breaks the shell where wonders dwell
Then swell into glad bloom

A kind word is like ointment
To soothe the wounds of woe
Its gentle grace will heal the place
Where harsh words dealt their blow

A kind word is like laughter
To cheer the dreary day
Like Baby's smiles, it sweetens miles
That had seemed dull and gray

A kind word is like flowers
A garden on the air
It calms distress with happiness
And brings hope to despair

 A kind word is a rainbow
Above the storms of life
A tender spark to break the dark
With love’s unfailing light

A kind word is a diamond
Drawn from a heap of stones
Where haters hurled shards from a world
Of base and broken thrones

A kind word is a picture
Of how heaven will be 
It paints its art upon the heart
In perfect poetry

A kind word is a gift, dear
That we can all afford
And what can ease life's miseries
Better than a kind word

© Janet Martin


  1. Adorable! and your poem is gorgeous

    1. thank-you, poem-neighbor:) Also, Sorry for my sudden disappearance from PAD. we lost our internet for a week and when it returned it was over:(
      It was terribly slow for the whole month making commenting on poems a patience-draining challenge, but I sure do enjoy your writing and would have voted some of your poems to the top 10 for sure! baby-cuddling and toddler-joys are in my top-five loves these days!


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