Thursday, May 16, 2019

Creed For Courage

 Ir's not our imagination! according to Who STOLE Ontario's sunshine? Shocking stats, here 
since November we have had unusually less sunshine!
 So we are delighting in the colour of this dawn's awning 😊

 ...but, no matter the color of the canvas, no matter the season
we have plenty of reason to take Courage!

To think enough of self to know we have something to offer
To recognize the heart and mind will spill what fills its coffer
To show through word and deed the seed we nurture, briefly hidden
For what we think becomes the ink with which our lives are written

To learn from our mistakes then leave behind vain accusation
This day the Lord has made is cause for humble celebration
Forbid that we ignore the gift that streams from Mercy’s pardon
To unfold moments rife with life like buds unfold a garden

To rise and shine and count more than the woe that hurts and hounds us
To let God’s divine love and grace encourage and confound us
To make the most of what we have He grants before echoes replace it
And thank Him for whatever comes because He helps us face it

To turn the other cheek and speak words worthy of their flower
And to forget to fret about those things beyond our power
To sense within the groan and grin that here and now composes
Reason to twirl-spin, take a bow and stop to smell the roses

© Janet Martin

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