Friday, May 24, 2019

A 'Month of May' Song

Suddenly my heart is filled with high hopes of garden-planting tonight...
before tomorrow's next wave of rain!

The month of May makes mundane chores an honor to employ
Set grandly on a stage of buds brimming with petal-joy
Where we, without admittance fee are welcome to behold
A wonder-world of Workmanship that hills and fields unfold
To startle us to worship as blooms break through dormant sod
And marvel at the miracle of life ordained by God

The month of May is like a holiday from bitter gales
The gateway to a getaway where greenest green exhales
And suddenly the barren tree is wrapped in em’rald lace
And we are very glad to be here in this time and place
Where summer-long is like song still waiting to be played
On keys of garden-dirt and sand, on leas of sun and shade

The month of May is like a gift we open breathlessly
Where we are humble guests of nature’s hospitality
Of sky-wide doors flung open, floors gleaming with flower-mirth
Of buffets heavy-laden with the beauty of rebirth
Of chairs in every meadow and plumed pillows by each brook
The month of May is like a pretty poem-picture book

The month of May is like loom in us, weaving delight
My, my, it seems our eager dreams have come true overnight
The long-awaited picnic as we sail a green grass sea
On schooners made of blankets and child’s wide-eyed fantasy
As a montage of bird-breeze-leaf song chirps and croons and sighs
And laughter, like a butterfly brushes the blue, blue  skies

© Janet Martin

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