Saturday, December 1, 2018

Why I Am Still Awake...

Too much to tell before the bell of midnight chimes time's solemn toll
And all the walls that wore thin shawls of noonday skin are black as coal
And all the days of golden haze and green-grass chaise and gorgeous bloom
Have fallen prey to charcoal gray and strewn like ash to Bygone’s tomb

Too much to do before the hue of aural blue turns velvet black
Before the sweep that always keeps the moments scattered in its track
Before the door to Nevermore swings shut and turns what is to naught
And all we hear of This, my dear, is echoes in a world of thought

Too much to touch and taste and see where daylight dims too soon, it seems
And most of what we have and hold is tendered to yesterday’s dreams
And places too far-off to reach because of midnight’s soulful knell
As tomorrow becomes today and today turns into farewell

Too much to learn and teach and earn and preach and praise and warn and pray
...before the dusk is like a husk after morn-noon is shucked from day
Too much to live-laugh-love and let go, before oh, the hug-tug-war
Where soon the air will wear the whispers of what was but is no more

© Janet Martin


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    1. I was getting ready for bed when this one kept niggling to the point of turning the computer back on and setting it free!


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