Thursday, December 27, 2018

Kaleidoscopic Doggerel

 It's that time of year...letting Nostalgia have its say😘

Kaleidoscope of hope-hued gems
And disappointment’s diadems
Soft crown the brown and silver hems
Of Bygone’s burnished sweep
Time’s pattern of felled petals pressed
Like pastel-parchment, mist caressed
Into a heart-shaped treasure chest
Filled with what none can keep

Save between fingertips of thought
Like wisp of wind on moonbeam caught
Where hug and kiss soon ties a knot
With hands gentle, yet gruff
Because nothing can stay the same
All things return from whence they came
Where what we hold is but the flame
That twilight’s train will snuff

Darling, this daring doggerel
Of balladry where flowers fell
Like rainbow-shards to tune the dell
Taunts-haunts the bard’s keen ear
Torn between touch and letting go
Where summer green and winter snow
Melds into a tender tango
Only the heart can hear

This warp, weightless yet full of years
This galaxy of star-eyed cheers
And vagary dissolved in tears
…laughter and longing’s ilk
Throbs like the sob of lowered dark
Silent, save for dog’s far-off bark
And lone leaf strumming moon-beamed arc
With blades of steel and silk

© Janet Martin

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