Friday, December 28, 2018

A Hymn For Him Inspired by Farewell-fired 'Things'

The line in this poem; *And coffee with a slice of cheese
Was inspired by my being deliciously spoiled this Christmas
with two of my most favorite things in the world... Coffee and cheese!

This poem is a little collection of this spent year's mementos ...

For jars filled with forget-me-nots
For flower pots on windowsills
For innocence of tiny tots
For wonder’s unexpected thrills
For circle-notes on puddled lane
For leaf-boats on its little lakes
For laughter’s silver-sparkle strains
For supper soup and birthday cakes

For scenes that twinkle through our touch
But rest forever in the heart
For everyone we love so much
Whether together or apart
For hope for things to come, where Past
Has such a hearty appetite
Yet each day hoists a virgin mast
And bids us sail toward the night

Not swaddled yet in death’s cold bod
Not blindfolded or bound in chains
But free to see, hear and applaud
Each Masterpiece that God sustains
For the fond bond of true friendship  
For home-sweet-home and family
For August afternoons that drip
Like honey to a cup of tea

For wealth of health and strength for toil
For hard work’s well-earned beauty-sleep
For summer’s unmerited spoil
Where nature gifts what none can keep
For fuzzy socks and apple pie
*And coffee with a slice of cheese
For four-season wind-lullaby
And thousand unnamed luxuries

For what we understand, or not
Where we are all students of life
For Mercy’s unwavering lot
Reaffirmed where new day runs rife
For what we name and what we miss
Dear Lord, accept our hymn of praise
And keep us ever keened to this;
The Never-ending End of Days

For mantles made of morning mist
For candles made of autumn’s leaf
For the refurbished to-do list
For wrinkles proving Time is chief
For laughter of both heart and brook
For After Dark’s strange Art unfurled
For the barge of a story-book
And armchair, to travel the world

For Goodness none of us have earned
For lessons gleaned from what has been
For woods when springtime has returned
With sundry-splendored shades of green
For promises still being met
For awesomeness of simple things
Like buttered bread, common and yet
It makes us feel like queens and kings

For holding before letting go
For babies bouncing on our knee
For ‘always something we don’t know’
The beauty of Discovery
For Old Year tumbling from Time’s sill
For New Year’s intangible Yet
Like a big jar that we will fill
With flowers we still have not met

© Janet Martin

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