Thursday, October 7, 2010


It takes stretching and bending
To keep things in tune
Sometimes it may feel like
You’re reaching for the moon
It takes patience, perseverance
There’ll be some pain
But if you go the distance
It won’t be in vain
It takes focus on the small parts
They’re important too
Sometimes you’ll need to grit your teeth
So you can make it through
Come on now, don’t give up
You know you can’t quit
It’s just a sit-up
And it’s so worth it
If you can make it
Through the toughest mile
You’ll feel so good
Now you groan….soon the smile
Moment by moment
When push comes to shove…….
A man and a woman
In marriage…in love
I’ve come to the conclusion
Oh, there’s no doubt
Sometimes love and marriage
Are like a grueling work-out

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

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