Thursday, October 7, 2010

Within His Masterpiece......

The aura of something akin to royalty
Permeates the air
Who needs a red carpet….or diamonds?
If we can wander where
The carpet of a thousand suns
Caresses our bare feet
While red and gold and orange and bronze
All vie for the top seat
Gleaming from every tree and hill
Dancing on the lawn
Glowing in the dusky rill
And re-born in the dawn
I pause in this pavilion fair
The sun melts in the west
And spreads across an ocean where
No vessel mars its crest
Ah, surely He must love us so
He paints the lowly sod
And in the heavens tranquil glow
We see the hand of God……..

……And in between the sky above
And earth beneath our feet
Dwells man…..recipients of His love
Within His Masterpiece

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

Victoria and I went on a walk last night....
it was beautiful....that is such an
inefficient word for a night like last night!!!
God is putting up a WOW!!!! sky every night!!!
This picture has a few recent ones!

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