Friday, October 8, 2010

Too Late For Good-bye

I guess you thought the arms around you
Couldn’t hold you
I guess you didn’t know how much we cared
I guess we thought you knew…..
We should have told you
Would you have chosen to hold on?
Would you have shared
All your deepest hurts and hidden sorrows?
Could we have helped you find another way?
The tears we weep won’t change any tomorrows
For you chose to leave this world today………
We can’t feel the golden warmth of sunshine
Octobers deep blue skies will smile in vain
And all the anguished tears that we are weeping
Won’t bring you back into our lives again
I guess you thought the Arms around you
Couldn’t hold you
Oh God, shine down Your mercy from on high
It’s too late now for all we would have told you
It’s too late now; too late to say good-bye

In loving memory of Darryl


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