Thursday, October 14, 2010

Sweeter Song......

I heard the sweetest song today
And I know its music drifted away
Far beyond this stratosphere
Drawing the brink of heaven near
I love the song of a midnight rain
Or the lovely tune of the evening
The symphony at the brink of dawn
The music in a dew-kissed lawn
The ebb and flowing of the sea
The rise and falling harmony
Of love in all its varied forms
The trembling calm before the storm
The orchestra of summer’s bloom
Or on a stage in some grand room
Oh, I have heard the melody
Of sunsets mirrored in the sea
Or in the creviced walls of time
Where the faithful bluebells chime
I love the anthem of first love
The chorus in the stars above
The sonnet in a deep blue sea
Or in a tender memory
But I heard a sweeter song today
When I heard a small child pray

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

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