Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Suddenly I Wonder..............

When I look into your trusting blue eyes
The color of October skies
I sometimes wonder what you see
As you’re looking back at me
Do you see the person I strive to be?
Or do you simply see……. me?

Do you see the love I fail to express?
Do you see joy and happiness?
My dear child, when you look at your mother
Do you see love incomparable to no other?
Precious one, I know what I see
But suddenly I wonder what you see in me?

You never really tell me; if I asked you
Would you tell me, tell me true
Would your reply make me glad?
Or would the truth make me a little sad?
The look on your face caught me by surprise
Today, when I looked into your eyes……………….

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

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