Saturday, October 23, 2010

Some Day.........

Some day someone will wander
Across this plot of grass
Perhaps they’ll stop and ponder
The years that quickly pass
They’ll say that they remember
So very long ago
How oft they used to come here
Then the memories start to flow
As they recount carefree hours
Spent romping on the lawn
How they used to pick the flowers
And they'll ask, ‘where has time gone?’
As they peek in through the windows
Hear the echo of a day
Gathered ‘round the kitchen table
In a childhood far away
They taste the milk and cookies
Of the distant faded years
Suddenly becoming vivid
In an eye now dimmed with tears
Oh, today the house is noisy
As they dash and yell and run
And the only thing important
Is the quest of having fun
While mother wipes the dishes
And the spills, footprints and tears
Yet silently she wishes
She could slow these speeding years
For she knows as she looks on them
In their tender hour of play
Far too soon their little freedom
Will have softly slipped away
And she wonders if they’ll wander
Someday across this grass
If perhaps they’ll pause to ponder
How the years so quickly pass…………

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

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