Tuesday, October 19, 2010


There are so many little things
To stir my heart with pleasure
But in this life where time has wings
I love the hour of leisure
Life seeks to enslave us to
Our cares and endless duty
Sometimes we need an our or two
To drink in this life’s beauty

Before the night-wind sings her tune
Before the lonesome dove
Will solemnly and sadly croon
Her farewell song of love
Before the purple shadows climb
Across the twilight hours
Can we take a little time
To drift among the flowers?

The flowers of ten-thousand hues
Raining like crimson snow
Upon the silent avenues
Of summer’s faded glow
There are so many little things
Designed to bring us pleasure
But I desire the joy life brings
Within the hour of leisure

I could speak quite endlessly
Of nature’s boundless glory
It stirs the fire of life in me
And eases grief and worry
A brand new canvas every day
A painting I can treasure
Oh do not let life slip away
Without an hour of leisure

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

We all have our own version of what brings us pleasure.....
but one of my daughters enjoys the songs of nature
much like I.......we have had great times together!!!

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