Friday, October 29, 2010

A Picture of Life......

It’s a kaleidoscope of color
It’s a quadrille of change
It’s a shift in the weather
It’s warm sun and cold rain
It’s a flaming vesture
Of orange, red and gold
Until it’s stripped of its rainbow
And left bare and cold

It’s cantankerous and moody
It’s laughing and gay
It’s stunning in beauty
It’s chilling and gray
It’s a landscape of emotion
It is grief and delight
It's contrast in an ocean
Of darkness and light

Life; I’ll compare thee
If, perchance I may
To the sorrow and beauty
Of an autumn day
Life is a season
Of laughter and strife
Oh the season of autumn
Paints a picture of life

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

As I drove my daughter to work this morning
The fields which not so very long ago
Were brilliant green and gold
Are now a dull and somber brown…….
But the sun was shining so when I returned home
I hung out a line of laundry…….
Twenty minutes later it was pouring a rain/sleet mixture….
So I dashed out to bring in the laundry!!!!
It’s sunny right now:)
My laundry is in the dryer!!!!

The picture collage was taken the other night
When the eastern sky was a deep foreboding blue
And the west flaming pink, purple and fiery gold!!!!
AND IT WAS RAINING!!!! It was eerily beautiful
Because of the tornado warnings!

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