Monday, October 4, 2010

October's Citadel......

I have come to realize
I can know no sweeter prize
Than to find in every hour
The fragrance of the hidden flow’r
Today I lingered in the fell
Of October’s citadel
No release to summer past
Yet secure from winter’s blast
The pastureland, a silent shroud
Of the bounty she endowed
Azure sky, a vista grand
Shifting ‘neath a higher Hand
While October’s breezes dance
‘Cross the fields of Time and Chance
Here the summer heart resigns
To the purple of the vines
To the scarlet of the hill
Painted woodland, haunt and rill
Reluctantly she must concede
October is a gem indeed

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

After cleaning out the garden I lay atop the
Corn pile and reveled in October glory!

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