Thursday, October 21, 2010

In Autumn's Song...........

Long blue shadow
Sprawls across the yard
Smoke curling aimlessly
Creates a lower cloud
Beneath iron gray shutters
Encasing the distant crag
As leaves chase each other
In an endless game of tag
In autumn’s song

The shadow of October's lintel
Holds an invisible brush
Painting the cheeks of children
With an invigorating blush
As they dash through the carpet
Of yester’s pleasant shade
Its rustling mantle
Laughs beneath their feet
In autumn’s song

The cold wind sets
The clinging leaf to quivering
And every blade of grass
Huddles low, silent and shivering
As a thousand little whispers
Murmur ‘mongst the withered flower
The aroma of a hearty supper
Warms the the darkened hour
In autumn’s song

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

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