Sunday, October 17, 2010

Days That I Recall..........

Ah, those were sweet days that I recall
I’d return if I could to some, but not all
I gaze through the gold to glimpse blue sky between
And my mind beholds what was yesterday’s green
But just as that perfect and fine summer day
It, like all time slips quickly away

Ah, those were grand days that I recall
On the fields where time was an endless hall
For youth does not tally the minute or hour
A dash through the valley in search of her tower
Heedless of subtle and deepening sighs
Life as eternal as summer-blue skies

Ah, those were the brief days that I recall
For somewhere in a soft haze summer turned to fall
I gaze through the gold to the blue sky in-between
As I softly behold what once had been
I gaze through the gold, through the autumnal sheen
Ah, too soon I am old….I still prefer green

Ah, these are brief days I am living in
Why stand and gaze as the wheels of time spin?
I’m thankful for every glad day I recall
For every summer will end in fall
As I gaze at through the gold to the blue sky up above
Suddenly I behold an infinite love

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

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